I worked in an office for many years and could see that my flexibility and posture were suffering as a result, so I went to my first ever yoga class at 30 years old and was immediately hooked. Not only was the class physically demanding, my mind felt clearer and I felt a connection to my breath which I knew I could learn to apply to my life in times of stress and difficulty.

My teaching style is playful and relaxed but I’m passionate about how the postures feel, rather than how they look, focusing on correct alignment, mindful movement and awareness of breath. Yoga is for everyone and I’m keen to lead people away from the perception that only young, flexible people can practice. Yoga builds muscle strength, increases your blood flow, improves your immune system functionality and can help to prevent cartilage and joint breakdown. Yoga has dramatically improved my physical and emotional wellness and I very much enjoy helping others to achieve this too!




Specifically designed workshops for those with sedentary jobs – intended to open, stretch and strengthen the body. Breaking down yoga asanas (postures) so students understand how the poses can fully benefit their bodies. The perfect way to deepen and expand your yoga practice.


We run Saturday Yoga Courses at the Rock Yoga Studio

Contact Lucie below for bookings and start dates or for one to one Yoga bookings


There is a reason yoga has been practiced for centuries. And there is a reason, we are passionate about providing you with the best possible classes. There are several reasons in fact. The list of benefits associated with yoga is endless. Some of these benefits includes:

Aids with recovery and relaxation
Helps to tone and condition your whole body
Improves mobility
Improves the health of your spine
Improves digestive health
Increases your core strength


“I started yoga with Lucie as a complete novice, having only been to a couple of
yoga classes previous. On both occasions I had felt overwhelmed at the sizes of the
class, and the intimidating attitude of some of the ‘hard-core’ yogi’s/instructors.
Therefore I had been put off ever returning, or taking it up for the long term.
Lucie’s classes are welcoming, friendly, and intimate, with only 6 in a class.
Lucie has a calm, gentle nature, yet she’s fastidious when it comes to making sure
you are practicing yoga safely, so you leave free from injury. She’s clearly a very
competent and talented teacher, but without being intimidating, and I have seen
real progress in my flexibility, and movement, as well as an improvement in my
posture since training with her.
I leave every yoga with Lucie feeling better in and about myself, and wouldn’t
practice with anyone else now!”

Victoria Money

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