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Lisa Austin 
Founder & Personal Trainer 

5 years ago I was running a building company and fitting in as much exercise as possible around a stressful, pressured job and I was very unhappy.  So I changed my life!

My passion for fitness and health and my love of competitive boxing, pushed me towards personal training as a career so I qualified and my desire to open a gym came about. Rock has developed over 3 years, from an outdoor business to opening the Rock Studio and with a great team working with me, we have developed a brand that gives clients more!

Rock is More than a Gym!

I am passionate about changing my clients lifestyles, increasing confidence and improving health. I have a special interest in hyper-mobility, rehabilitation of injuries and women’s health. I am a soft tissue therapist and offer massage and assessments in the Rock Sports Injury Room. I am currently studying cognitive behavioural therapy with a view to start offering this service soon.

I had a total hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy in December 2019 and I am now in surgical menopause. Through my own experiences, I now also offer training, nutrition, CBT and Sex Therapy to women in Menopause. We offer online plans and a 12 week female specific exercise program held at Rock Studios.




Gayle Harvey 
Personal Trainer & Studio Manager

In December 2017 I turned my love of exercise into a career and qualified as a PT.  I joined Rock in 2018 and have never looked back!

Since becoming part of the team, I have learnt new skills on the job, have furthered my knowledge by qualifying as an England Athletics Run Leader and in July 2020 I became the Rock Studio Manager.  I have a wide client base ranging from runners, weight loss clients and those looking to make strength and confidence gains.

My main love is running and I love to introduce the sport to others.  There’s nothing better than to help people learn to love running and watch them develop.  I am the Rock Running Club coach alongside Emma and between us we have created a fun and friendly environment for all levels of ability.  You should check our Facebook Page and definitely come and try us out!

Teaching people to make lifestyle and mindset changes and showing them how to enjoy exercise are definitely among the reasons I enjoy my job! Watching the progress of clients from the first time they walk in the gym door is very rewarding and at Rock we get to work with some lovely amazing people!

In terms of my own training, I have a MASSIVE love of running! I compete in a variety of distances throughout each year varying from 5K to my first Ultra Marathon “The Ultra Tour of Edinburgh” in October 2018.  I crossed the line a very respectable second woman!  To compliment my running I also love to strength train – kettlebells being my favourite.  The addition of strength training will make a huge impact on my running, as it has mine.  If you need any help or advice then I am always ready to talk running!!

I look forward to seeing you all at the gym!

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @gayleharveypt




Jacqui Lemon
Personal Trainer

I Love My Job! I love going on a journey with my clients to get them to their goals.

When it comes to health and fitness I think it’s all about balance. I believe fitness should be incorporated but it shouldn’t take over.

I train people to FEEL good in their body AND mind without punishing workouts, so they actually enjoy the process. Whilst also pushing them a wee bit more than they would do themselves and then finding that they’re stronger than they thought they were.

I’m a life long learner. I’m continually looking to better my knowledge and experience for my clients and for myself.

I’m not a believer in extremes, either for fat loss or for fitness. Little changes will give huge rewards over time. I help my clients to forge a new lifestyle with nothing to fail and no wagon to fall off.




Conor Macken
Personal Trainer

Qualifying as a PT has been one of the most important qualifications I ever succeeded in. It made me realise how much I really love helping people, not only to achieve their goals, but to change their whole life. There is no better feeling in my opinion. This is what I push towards for everyone who walks through the door at Rock!

My own training mainly consists of Boxing/Strength and Conditioning based workouts, as this is what I have been used to from my days of competitive boxing. I won 2 titles during my Unlicenced boxing career, boxing all over the country which taught me a lot in regards to training and life itself. I still keep myself healthy and live and breathe and clean lifestyle thanks to my boxing days.

Therefore this is what I try implement on my clients. My sessions are a great stress reliever, very intense, whilst also trying to keep the training fun, which is the most important part!

Emma M


Emma Maggott
Running Club Coach

Running is a big part of my life. It never was but after getting picked randomly out of a draw to run London Marathon, many years ago, I never looked back.

There are a number of benefits I have found in running but the main one for me is trying to maintain a healthy mind.

Distance was my thing but now I am about building on speed and I am forever learning about what works well and not so well. I like that we all start and we all finish and it does not matter where you come you are only racing you



Kayleigh Mills

Personal Trainer

I’m a strength & conditioning coach, I love the infusion of resistance training layered with cardio for epic results.

I have experience in hypertrophy for muscle gain and weight management for fat loss. I believe that this approach can be tailored to reach each clients goals.

My views on health & fitness reach wider than just exercise and nutrition, I advocate the importance of mental health & self-care. I use my social platform Instagran @kayleighfit_ to spread my message.

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