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Our Free Running club is run by Gayle Harvey with an assistant coach Emma Maggot. Both our ladies are avid runners and passionate about getting outside and pounding those pavements!

They coach at all levels personally and run the ROCK FREE BEGINNERS RUN CLUB on Thursday evenings at 6.30 pm and Sunday mornings at 9.30 am leaving from Offley Recreation Club on Kings Walden Road, Offley

Gayle has been a keen runner for a number of years, and started to get more competitive on a higher level in 2016 when she entered her first marathon. She has since ran Manchester marathon (her second) with a time of 3:43.

We want everyone to enjoy being outside, to feel part of a team and to never let left behind!

Just turn up – no need to book

Our 5k, 10k and more advanced group run throughout the year, for further information pop us over an email


5K Running Club
These groups start from beginner level and follow a set programme designed to get you from zero to 5K in 10 weeks. As part of one of these groups you will be shown safe and correct warming up exercises, mobility drills and post run stretches. You will meet with Gayle once a week to run as a group and between the sessions you will complete 2 homework runs to build up your running.

Groups provide a great platform for motivation and we log all of your homework runs on a Facebook group to keep everyone going and to share your individual progress. The end goal for these groups are for all members to run a 5K race together at the end of the programme.

10K Running Club
The progression with distance will be completed mainly as homework runs with our weekly sessions consisting of strength, hills, speed work, etc to improve your general running. The goal for this group will be for all members to run a 10K race together at the end of the programme.

The 10K club will build to regular 10K group runs


“Gayle, As a runner you are an inspiration, as an instructor you are incredible. You are friendly, funny and approachable, you put me at ease completely. Since starting your run strong classes; I have become fitter, faster and stayed injury free- I was always injured before! And thanks to you, the training given and the confidence you’ve instilled.. I’ve just signed for my 1st marathon and cant thank you enough!”

Dawn Boon

“I can’t recommend Gayle enough since I started the strength training class specifically designed for runners I have seen vast improvements in my race times across all distances .. she always has a great positive can do attitude, she is very welcoming and makes everybody feel at ease. Since starting training with Gayle, I’ve stayed injury free and really benefited from increased core strength. The whole team at rock fitness are fantastic and truly dedicated to their clients. Well done all at Rock, it’s great to be a part of your classes.”

Ian Curry

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