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“As a gym founder, PT and Sports Massage Therapist, I live and breathe health and fitness. I believe I can change people’s lives for the better and improve their mental and physical health. I boxed competitively for 6 years, have a special interest in injury rehab and hypermobility, female health and I love resistance /strength training. Group training is my absolute passion – seeing my guys getting results and enjoying the sessions! As a Kettlebell Pro I incorporate kettles into all my sessions and the results are phenomenal. I look forward to training with you all” – LISA


“I love my job! I thrive off watching the progress of my clients throughout their fitness journeys and showing them that exercise CAN BE FUN! It is so rewarding to be part of the change in someone’s lifestyle, mindset and approach to exercise. My passion is running and I have competed in countless races over the years, winning some podium places at more recent events. As a Kettlebell Pro I use kettlebells both in my own training and with my running clients and their results are amazing! You really can’t beat that post exercise high and I want you all to experience it and see how exercise can change YOUR life! See you in class!” – GAYLE

Welcome to Virtual Vibz!

Our unique online training platform that allows you to work out from home by joining our interactive LIVE classes, or catch up ON DEMAND in your own time.

Our classes are FUN, challenging and suitable for all abilities. We will provide you with progressions or regressions where necessary to make sure EVERYONE gets as much out of our classes as possible.

We have both weighted and bodyweight classes on offer and we can provide you with feedback on your techniques on EVERY class to make sure you are working safely and efficiently!!


A fast paced, high energy HIIT session for ALL abilities! Maximise your calorie burn and totally get your sweat on!!!

Take your training to the NEXT LEVEL and get STRONG! We hit the whole body with a safe combo of lean muscle building exercises leaving you feeling pumped for the day ahead!

This is a fun, dynamic workout designed to improve your strength, balance and cardio endurance. We guarantee to get your blood pumping and those calories burning with a fusion of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises!

Our strength and conditioning sessions focus on building you a stronger body, improving your posture and form and increasing your fitness levels. This is perfect to enhance your sports performance, help keep injuries at bay or simply
push those fitness boundaries.

Our high intensity interval training session requires NO KIT just YOU! Working with your bodyweight alone is more challenging than you may think! This high energy bodyweight workout will hit your entire body leaving you buzzing
for the rest of the day! It will be FUN, sweaty and suitable for everyone with low impact alternatives provided.

We also want you to be able to move more freely and get the most out of your workouts so we are bringing you a functional movement class to do just this! We will incorporate mobility, balance and flexibility into a challenging, but fun workout. This is perfect for everyone – especially for all you desk workers.

BUILD & BURN (Weighted Lower Body)
Lower body weighted strength session that will build you a shapely toned physique and get your heart pumping. Feel the burn and build your body.

The kettlebell class with a twist! A high energy session combining kettlebells with some FUN fight fit combat moves leaving you feeling pumped to the max!

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